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11.03.2023 (Saturday)


Hey Folks

24.09.2012 11:16:00

Here's another update from the Motorjesus Headquarter: Currently we are workin our asses off doing the the last bits and pieces like solos, lyrics etc. for the 4th album. We finished the songwriting and are looking forward to enter the studio soon.

Also we are really happy to announce that we will participate on the german sampler “Dark Symphonies" of the John Sinclair audio book series. John Sinclair is a well known german book series, also featured in audio books etc.. The Sampler includes famous german POP artists like Nena, Xavier Naidoo and  Marianne Rosenberg, but also Rock and Metal stuff like Kreator, H Blocks etc..  We are big Fans of "Ghosthunter John Sinclair" and have read the books since we were kids. It's an honor to take part on this. The sampler - incl. an audio book - will be in stores on september 28th.

There are some more concerts to come like the “Halloween Smash Fest” before we enter the studio just check the live dates.

Until then, ROCK ON! MJ

first upcoming shows in 2012

17.04.2012 08:04:00

The first upcoming shows in 2012 are coming soon. Hope we will see you at the shows!

21.04.2012 - Kaldenkirchen, Spring Jam Open Air (for free!)
28.04.2012 - Aachen, Mosh it Up 

tl_files/plakate/2012_springjam.jpg tl_files/plakate/2012_moshit.jpg

new MOTORJESUS interview

10.04.2012 10:57:00

new MOTORJESUS interview with Chris at The Pit Webzine about the past year and future plans:

Motorjesus Interview here >>>


15.03.2012 11:28:00

Here are some news: Currently were still working on our next album. We got the first tracks and we're rehearsing our asses off to get more cool songs done for the next one to arrive.


The awesome groundbreaking news is that we improved our recording techniques and stomped our old recording tape deck ;). In the meanwhile we have also prepared some cool shows and festivals:


21.04.2012  Kaldenkirchen, Spring Jam Open Air
28.04.2012 ­ Aachen, Mosh it Up
26.05.2012 ­ Gelsenkirchen, Rock Hard Festival
27.05.2012 ­ Ballenstedt, Superrally 2012
21.07.2012  Mechernich, Summer Night Open Air
27.07.2012 ­ Essen, Nord Open Air
01.09.2012  Bad Lauchstadt, Goethestadt Rockt tba
21.09.2012 ­ Krefeld, Moshroom Festival
27.10.2012 ­ Hückelhoven-Hilfarth, Halloween Smash Fest

That¹s it for now - so well see you at the shows! MOTORJESUS

Hey Rockers

30.11.2011 09:34:00

hope we see you all at the last Shows of 2011

03.12. - TNT Rock Pub Niederkrüchten
17.12. - Turock, Essen (special "Wheels of Purgatory Show") Rock on ! MJ

tl_files/plakate/tnt.jpg tl_files/plakate/turock.jpg